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If your concrete gutter is leaking, call the experts on

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To re-line or remove?

There are countless companies offering one solution to problems with your Finlock concrete gutters – to remove them.


Before you decide to choose this expensive option, please consider the points listed below or telephone us for personal and professional advice.

Internal dampness

Sagging and uneven Finlock concrete gutters

This is often attributed to “cold-bridging”.  This may be an issue but internal dampness could be due to: -

a) Gutters requiring re-lining

b)A leaking roof

A Finlock concrete gutter unit is made up of two troughs – one is the visible gutter and the other sits across the cavity wall.  If the front gutter trough has a leak, water can track back into the cavity trough which will cause internal dampness.

If the roof itself is leaking, water can penetrate the cavity trough, again causing internal dampness.

The Finlock gutter forms its own lintel over windows and doors.  The rear trough of the gutter is dove tail shaped and is filled with concrete and metal rods to create the lintel.  If the gutters have been inadequately filled/strengthened at the time of installation, the gutter units are likely to sag.  Also, if windows and doors have been replaced, the concrete gutter should have been supported whilst the new windows etc. were fitted.  If this was not done, the gutter units may sag. We can supply new units which can be installed by a Building company.  We can then re-line the new units.

Re-lining versus removal

Firstly, consider the above points.  If your gutters are just leaking, as any gutter might, then re-lining is the cheapest and easiest option.  Re-lining will last for at least 10 years, probably much longer, and we guarantee our work for 10 years for foil and bitumen and 15 years for EPDM.

lined gutter Click to read about the lining process